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Benson Karting, now known as UFK Racing is our in house kart manufacturing division responsible for building some of Australia’s best race karts as well as hire karts. The new UFK Racing Flyer SII Senior is the latest hire kart with more comfort and safety features in it than any hire kart built before it in history. It is made from the highest quality material. They are fast and reliable! Powered by a Honda 9bhp Motor, these karts are capable of reaching speeds up to 70kph. Hydraulic brakes also give you really good stopping ability!  

The karts are not only built for speed, but for comfort too – with fully adjustable seats and pedals which make it easy to fit into the karts, no matter what your size. 

The karts are also equipped with bump guards and impact rubbers to absorb energy from any form of unexpected collision as well as seat belts and a roll hoop. These karts are amongst the safest karts to drive in the Australian Go Kart Hire industry.

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UFK Racing Flyer SII Model Specifications

  • Engine: Honda 9bhp 270cc 4 stroke

  • Brakes: Hydraulic

  • Drive : Chain

  • Wheel Base: 1080 mm

  • Seats: Adjustable

  • Pedals: Adjustable

  • Max Speed: 70km/h

  • Seatbelt equipped

  • Roll cage equipped

  • Brake and Tail Lights

  • DeHaardt equipped

  • Minimum Driving age 14

  • Minimum Driving Height 148cm


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