Little Thunder Rookie Karts

Inherited from Kart Mania, these karts have been fully refurbished and rebuilt just for kids. With different sized karts we have one that will suit your child. Powered by a Honda 6.5bhp motor, these karts are the perfect learning platform for anyone before they start to learn to drive on the roads. With a restricted top speed of 40kph, you will get that sense of speed without the danger of going too fast.

These karts have been upgraded since Ultra Fast Karts have taken over from Kart Mania. Now all equipped with toe guards, upgraded nose panels and several mechanical upgrades have made the karts safer and more reliable. Even the seat belts have protective sleeves on them.

Second round of upgrades include new Hydraulic brakes, brake sensors and the DeHaardt remote control system, which now gives our staff full control over your child’s kart. With upgraded protective barriers and better impact protection. These karts can also be driven by Adults as well. 

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Little Thunder Kart Model Specifications

  • Engine: Honda 6.5bhp 200cc 4 stroke (restricted)

  • Brakes: Hydraulic self-adjusting

  • Drive: Chain

  • Wheel Base: 1060mm

  • Seats: Position varies between karts

  • Pedals: Varies between karts

  • Max Speed: 40kph

  • Seatbelt equipped

  • Roll cage equipped

  • UFK upgrade kit 1: Equipped

  • UFK upgrade kit 2: Equipped

  • Minimum Driving age: 9

  • Minimum height: 138cm

  • DeHaardt Equipped

Terms & Conditions:

       All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

        Please call for operating hours as they vary depending on location and events

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